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Online Help

This help website is dedicated to our Standard product and can be accessed directly from your School Loop account. Got a question about a feature you're trying to use? Just click the red question mark HelpIcon.png located at the top right of every page in your portal and you'll find a search box to find topics by keyword searching. There's also a link to take you directly to this help website.


Help Ticket System

As good as our help website is as a self-help tool, there are times when online help just isn't good enough. For those times, you need a real person to answer your questions. Don't worry. We've got your back with a help ticket system backed by knowledgeable support agents. During the school year, our support agents are available within normal business hours. We're not officially open on weekends, but we do monitor incoming tickets for emergency situations that can't wait until Monday. Naturally we're closed on holidays.

To submit a help ticket, we prefer that you use the red question mark at the top right of every page in your portal and then click the personal help link (pictured above). Submitting a ticket in this fashion automatically includes information about your account, which allows us to better help you.

Submit Ticket directly from this Help site

ZendeskHelpWidget.pngCan't find the answer to your question on our Help website? Use the Help button on the bottom right side of any page to quickly submit a ticket. Simply, fill out the form and click Send.